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Marilena Cameron, born in Romania, was introduced from an early age to fire cupping and massage by her parents and grandparents.

She was also brought up in a culture where natural remedies and food were used as medicine in a preventative way as well as complementary approaches to conventional healthcare. Since she was in high school, Marilena got acquainted to her first acupuncture textbook translated from German by her German tutor, which she copied by hand. 

Later she moved to Scotland where she studied at the Strathclyde Graduate Business School for an MSc in Business Information Technology Systems.

However, her career changed and took a different direction after having a family. The passion for natural approaches to healthcare guided her to study and obtain academic qualifications in nutritional therapy, stress management, aromatherapy, reflexology, mental counseling, neuromuscular massage, Reiki, and Shiatsu.

Marilena Cameron’s old interest from teenage years for acupuncture was revived when she was studying Shiatsu, as she realized that she wanted to understand the core underlying principles of this energetic based bodywork. So she embarked on a journey studying for a BSc Honours degree at the Northern College of Acupuncture affiliated, then, to the University of Central Lancashire – Department of Integrated Healthcare. 

Marilena Cameron took a further step towards her understanding for TCM and acupuncture and initiated a trip to Beijing to learn from the mother country of acupuncture.

She had an intensive clinical study program at the Dongzhimen Teaching Hospital – Neurology and Women Health Department, attending also to the TCM lectures at that hospital with other international students. Her work at the Acupuncture Department, Guang"anmen Hospital, was a breathtaking experience as there was a huge influx of patients from early morning at 6 am till 2pm, with around 60-70 patients. 

Prior to Beijing, Marilena had studied Professor Dr. Ji-Yu Wang"s book on Applied Channel Therapeutics, so she decided to get a first hand experience from the author and well respected TCM professor himself at his private clinic in Beijing.

She also used her staying in Beijing to gather materials for her dissertation on MS using acupuncture. Her experience in Beijing made her realize that understanding TCM and acupuncture is a lifelong process and that in China, practitioners have an art for combining various Chinese Medicine therapies in an amazingly fluent manner, naturally. There is never just acupuncture needling.
Since back from Beijing, Marilena Cameron has been practicing as self employed.  She has a strong interest and good experience in musculoskeletal issues; also stress, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, depression and alopecia. She volunteered to work with cancer patients using alternative healthcare approaches.

Not Chinese by birth, she got told by a well-experienced TCM doctor in Beijing that her passion for TCM and acupuncture is and will always be her best teacher.

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