Bingsheng Yuan, a Chief TCM Physician from Doncaster, UK 0 9581

Bingsheng Yuan, Chief TCM Physician, has 26 years Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture and herbs clinic practice experience and is the Duty of Association of JingFang TCM (EU), the Director of Academic of Federation of TCM Practitioner (UK),  and a member of the 1st board of committee  of Famous Doctors’ Heritage of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS). 
Bingsheng Yuan has ever worked in TCM hospital in China for 16 years as a TCM doctor and worked in UK for 10 years as a TCM practitioner. He has published 50 papers on Herbs and/or Acupuncture in TCM professional journals from 1998-2016, covering TCM gynecology, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, dermatology, traumatology, and others.

He had studied TCM Acupuncture for 3 years in Si Chuan College of TCM (College diploma) since 1987. A few years later, he had another 6 years part-time study of TCM herbs at Cheng Du TCM University (Undergraduate course), and 2 years of part-time study of Integrative Medicine (TCM combined with Western medicine) for a master degree  at Cheng Du TCM University. He also had another 2 years of part-time clinic practice under a internationally renowned TCM acupuncture doctor, Pro. Jiebin Yang, and one year full-time and 10 year part-time training  for complex and difficult clinic conditions’ with another nationally famous TCM herbal medicine master, Chief TCM Doctor,Pro. Kongding Li .
Since 1990, he worked in TCM hospital in China as a doctor of TCM acupuncture & herbs for 16 years. When he worked in China, he has also served as the director of Acupuncture Department & TCM Geriatric Disease Department, treating all ages with many different ailments and also training TCM students for 6 years . In 2007, he was  invited to come to UK as a TCM acupuncture & herbs expert to work in Herbal Medical (Peterborough) and then TCM doctor (Doncaster). In 2012, he founded Dr. Yuan"s herbs & acupuncture clinic in Rotherham Center. In 2013, he moved back to Doncaster and people came to visit him from local area, South Yorkshire, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland,etc.for different kinds of conditions.

Before he came to the UK, from 1998-2007, he has published about 30 theses on TCM acupuncture and herbs in Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion (China, ISSN: 0255-2930, CN 11-2024/R, 8 pieces), New Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISSN 0256-7415, CN 44-1231/R), Journal of Emergency in Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISSN 1004-745X, CN 50-1102R),  China News of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. And also he was a member of China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, a member of China Association of The Integration of Traditional And Western Medicine, etc.

After he came to UK, from 2008-2016, he has published another 25-30 theses on TCM acupuncture & herbs on the Journal of Chinese medicine in the UK (UK, ISSN:2049-4289), The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (UK, ISSN:1745-6843), etc.. And also, he is a Duty of Association of Jingfang TCM (EU), and Director of Academic of Federation of TCM Practitioner (UK) 

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Tel: 0044 (0)1302538300
Practice Address: 331 Goodison Boulevard,Doncaster,DN4 6TR,UK (From Robin Hood Airport/Doncaster Sheffield Airport 5-8 minutes drive by taxi)


Facebook: Yuan Bingsheng

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