【QH Academy】Dr. Zhong Shiyuan: Shaking Neeedle Therapy (English & Chinese) 3 13251

Topic: Shaking Needle Therapy
Speaker: 钟士元 Shiyuan Zhong
Language: English & Chinese 英汉双语
Outline: See below
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Learn the physiological and pathological mechanisms of Shaking Needle Therapy.

Learn the skills of performingShaking Needle.

Course description

Shaking Needle Therapy is an innovative treatment for pain conditions. This course introduces the innovation and how to performShaking Needle. Moreover, the speaker analyzes numerous cases in the course.

*Course validity:January, 31, 2021(Beijing Time)

Brief Introduction of the speaker

Speaker:Dr. ZhongShiyuan

l  Director of Rehabilitation Department atGuangzhou Municipal Hospital

l  Associate chief physician of TCM orthopedics

l  Part-time associate professor at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

l  Vice president of Hong Kong Institute of TCM Orthopedics

l  Prominent Chinese medicine physician in Yuexiu District, GuangzhouCity

He graduated from Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1985. Dr. Zhong has engaged in TCM orthopedics for 42 years and medical education for 15 years.

Dr. Zhong is the Chief Editor of theTreatment for Spine-related Disease and the Treatment for Human Body sinew Diseases and the Diagram of Trigger Points.


Ø  Principles, innovation and cases study of Shaking Needle Therapy (SNT)

        The origin and principles of SNT

        The physiological and pathological mechanisms of SNT

The operation feature of SNT

To select the insertion point according to the location of the disease

To select the insertion point around the affected area

Subcutaneous needling

No requirement of qi arrival (De Qi) or needling sensation

        The characteristics of SNT




Extensive application


        The characteristics of effectiveness

A variety of indications (pain conditions).

Immediate effects.

No association with the duration of disease

Long-term effects

        The precautions and contraindications

Insertion, indications and contraindications

Disposable acupuncture needle

Bending degrees

        Locating points

        Case study

A case of cervical spondylosis

A case of knee joint degeneration

A case of semi-dislocation ofdistal radioulnar joint

A case of scoliosis

A case of headaches

A case of temporomandibular joint disorder

A case of fracture

A case of facial paralysis

A case of fibula fracture

        Related books


Fascia in Sport and Movement

Fascial Manipulation for Internal Dysfunctions

Treatment for Spine-related Disease (Second Edition)

Treatment for Human Body sinew Diseases and the Diagram of Trigger Points

Yi-cupping Therapy: Manipulation at Fascia Level

Ø  Practices of Shaking Needle Therapy

The above content is provided by the professional acupuncturists or CM practitioners. Do not follow or practice if with no professional guidance. Anyone who uses the information in the video is at his/her sole risks and liability.

Title Introduction Price
Shaking Needle Therapy (Ⅰ)(65mins)
Principles, innovation and case study
Shaking Needle Therapy (Ⅱ) (28 mins)
Practices and applications

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