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Topic: Filiform Fire Needle Therapy (FFN)
Speaker: 彭裕麟
Language: English & Chinese (英汉双语)
Outline: See below
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Learn the manipulation essentials and point selection of FFN.

Learn when & how to use FFN.

Course description

FFN is an innovative therapy in acupuncture. This course introduces the advantages and manipulation essentials of FFN. Combinations for specific diseases are elaborated in the course.

*Course validity:January, 31, 2021(Beijing Time)

Brief Introduction of the speaker

Speaker: Peng Yulin

Licensed Chinese medicine practitioner, inheritor of FFN, Director of Promotion and Teaching FFN Course in China

Peng Yulin graduated from Hebei Medical University and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. She has worked in succession at the People’s Hospital of Hebei, Bethune International Peace Hospital, Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, People's Hospital of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, Guangzhou Municipal Hospital, where she has obtained rich clinical experience. She visited many famous medical practitioners in China and participated in International Medical Exchanges. Presently, she is responsible for FFN training courses in China.

  Peng Yulin specializes in treating varicosity, vitiligo, intractable psoriasis, dementia, epilepsy, stroke and hemiplegia sequelae, fibroma, atheroma, lipomyoma, hyperplasia of mammary glands and gynopathy with FFN, which can produce immediate therapeutic effects on pain of neck, shoulder, low back and leg.


*    Principles, actions and point combinations for specific diseases

        The origin and principles of FFN

        Three advantages compared with regular filiform needle and fire needle

-Combinative efficacy of both filiform needle and fire needle

-Safe and quick effect with little pain

-Multiple functions

        Ten actions of FFN

-Relieves pain

-Relives itchiness from skin conditions

-Relieves numbness

-Stops spasms

-Stops diarrhea

-Purges fire and removes toxins.

-Removes stasis and ruptures abscess

-Removes nodes

-Invigorates yang and tonifies yin

        Four features of FFN

-Point selection


-Qi arrival (De Qi)

-Therapeutic effects

        Seven principles of FFN

-Blood moves when heated

-When heated, meridians and collaterals are unblocked

-When heated, the cold becomes warm

-When heated, dampness is dissipated

-When heated, wind is forced out of the body

-When heated, phlegm is resolved

-When heated, the weak becomes strong

        Essentials for FFN insertion

-Comfort the patient

-Insert the needle perpendicularity

-Burn the needle adequately red hot

-Insert accurately

-Hold the breath

        Nine features of FFN

-Slight pain



-High efficiency

-Immediate effect

-Extensive application


-High acceptability

-No risk

        Point selection for FFN

-How to select points

-How to locate the point

-How to insert the point

        Stimulation intensity of FFN

        How to manage some events

-Fainting during acupuncture treatment

-Stuck needle

-Bent needle

        Precautions of using FFN

-Comfort the patient

-Stimulate with proper intensity

-Use fire carefully

-Do not contact water

        Contraindications of FFN

        How to prevent leaving mark or black pin hole on the skin

-Thin FFN

-Five aspects of caution concerning the pin hole

-Pure flame

        How to burn the needle

        Point combinations for specific diseases

-Cervical spondylopathy and diseases of the head: mastoid process, GV 20 (Baihui), GB 20 (Fengchi), and local Ashi points

-Tennis elbow: LI 11 (Quchi) and local Ashi points

-Low back conditions: SP 6 (Sanyinjiao), BL 23 (Shenshu) and the local Ashi point

-Knee joint conditions: SP 10 (Xuehai) and local Ashi points

-Ankle/knee joint effusion: the most swelling place

-Skin conditions: SP 6 (Sanyinjiao), ST 36 (Zusanli), SP 10 (Xuehai), GB 31 (Fengshi), GB 20 (Fengchi) and some local points

-Herpes zoster: start with the biggest blisters

-Herpes zoster sequelae: ST 36 (Zusanli) and Ashi points

-Facial paralysis: the tensest place

-Stroke sequelae: SP 6 (Sanyinjiao), ST 36 (Zusanli), local Ashi points

-Varicosity: the highest points

-Masses: center of the mass

-Gangrene: the blackest place

-Weight reduction: ST 36 (Zusanli), SP 6 (Sanyinjiao), CV 12 (Zhongwan), ST 25 (Tianshu), CV 4 (Guanyuan), CV 9 (Shuifen) and Jianfei, an extra point

-Conditions of the reproductive system: SP 6 (Sanyinjiao), ST 36 (Zusanli), CV 4 (Guanyuan), SP 10 (Xuehai), BL 23 (Shenshu), lumbosacral trigonum, and superior margin of pubic symphysis

-Mental conditions: GB 20 (Fengchi), BL 15 (Xinshu), BL 18 (Ganshu), BL 20 (Pishu), LR 3 (Taichong), SP 6 (Sanyinjiao), and ST 36 (Zusanli)

-Yin-yang imbalance: SP 6 (Sanyinjiao) and ST 36 (Zusanli)

*    Practicing FFN therapy for primary obesity

The above content is provided by the professional acupuncturists or CM practitioners. Do not follow or practice if with no professional guidance. Anyone who uses the information in the video is at his/her sole risks and liability.

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